1+1 Room

Spacious and modern, our 1+1 suites provide a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

  • 3 Adults or 2 Adults 1 Children

  • Sea or Land

  • Available

  • 2+1 sofa bed

  • Available

  • Available

The 1+1 Room is designed for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and functionality. This room category offers a spacious and well-appointed living area combined with a cozy bedroom, providing the perfect balance between relaxation and convenience. Experience a stylish and inviting atmosphere that caters to your every need, making your stay truly enjoyable. Book the 1+1 Room for a delightful and memorable accommodation experience.

Key Features:

Cozy Bedroom: Retreat to the intimate bedroom designed for tranquility and rest, featuring plush bedding and soothing decor.

Private Bathroom: Enjoy the convenience of your private bathroom, complete with modern amenities, fresh towels, and complimentary toiletries.

In-Room Amenities: Our rooms are equipped with a TV, air conditioner, hair dryer and many more amenities.

Views and Natural Light: Our rooms offer sea or land views and abundant natural light, creating a serene atmosphere for your stay.

Balcony: A private balcony, providing a cozy space to unwind and enjoy the surrounding views. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee or simply taking in the fresh air, our balconies offer a delightful retreat.

Spacious Living Room: Enjoy the expansive living room, perfect for unwinding or entertaining guests in a comfortable and stylish setting.

Well-Equipped Kitchenette: The room comes with a well-equipped kitchenette, providing electric stove, a kettle for hot water, a mini refrigerator, cutlery, knives, glasses, a set of pots, pans, and plates. 

Personalized Service: Our dedicated staff is committed to providing personalized service, ensuring your needs are met for a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Luxury Design: All rooms have been renovated in 2023 and designed in a very luxurious manner.

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£ 130 daily Room Fee
150 daily Room Fee
5250 daily Room Fee
£ 8,5 per person Breakfast
10 per person Breakfast
300 per person Breakfast